Exponat 052 – Liza Lechner und Ronia Uibeleisen, Studierende, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München

„Baum, Wald, Feuer und Du?“ 

Interaktives Buch zum Thema „Waldbrand“

Does hypnosis invoke any spiritual entities or perform any religious rituals during the process?

Never. Hypnosis is a scientifically proven technique, and has no connection with religious or supernatural issues.

How long does a hypnosis session take? I risk not coming back?

Back from where ?!
You will be aware and in connection with yourself, with your subconscious. There is no risk, as already mentioned the state of hypnosis is natural, and happens to us every day.

Is hypnosis looks like sleepy?

No. Although we use in clinical hypnosis tools for physical and mental relaxation, hypnosis is not in any way sleep, as, as mentioned, we may be hypnotized riding a bicycle, a practice even used by many athletes at the time of the race.

I lose control?

No. Since you are in control all the time, there is no way to do what you don't want. You will hear voice, noise and the environment around you. You may scratch your nose, laugh or move at any time. The limit is your imagination. And the more "fertil" it is, the more "fun" its process will be.

Can we erase the memories?

No. The mind does not allow information to be deleted, but we can re-educate and neutralize the negative emotions associated with it. Later, there will only be a new view of the facts.

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